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ADAM at Sircuit in Melbourne on hiatus due to monkeypox outbreak

ADAM at Sircuit on Hiatus


ADAM and Sircuit have made the joint decision to immediately put the regular Monday ADAM event at Sircuit on hiatus due the the emerging and changing health risks of monkeypox (MPX) within our community.


The W.H.O has deemed monkeypox a Public Health Emergency, the Commonwealth of Australia has deemed it a disease of national significance and Heath Paynter, the deputy chief executive officer of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations has said “Australia has a golden opportunity to step in and stop monkeypox in its tracks, but this could quickly evaporate, and once it does – it’s lost, as we have seen in Montreal, London, New York and Madrid, cities with hundreds of cases of community transmission”.


While no cases have been attributed to the ADAM event, we both believe it is in the best interests of our community and indeed the wider community that this hiatus happens.


ADAM will continue to monitor the situation whilst engaging with relevant health authorities and will resume when it is deemed appropriate to do so and vaccines are widely available.


We would recommend that anyone unfamiliar with monkeypox, its symptoms and or its transmission should visit the following website:


Ben Taylor

Chris Driscoll