LUST IV – Karneval


Date: Friday 29 November 2019, from 10pm

Venue: Inflation
60 King Street, Melbourne 3000

⚡ Techno Basement & LUST Hole
⚡ POP Floor & Chill Lounge
⚡ Performances
⚡ And a little bit extra…

Doors open at 10pm. Expect a very late night

+ Limited 1st Release tickets $21 – SOLD OUT
+ Limited 2nd Release tickets $29 – ON SALE NOW
+ Limited 3rd Release tickets $39 – COMING SOON
+ Limited door sales on the night $50

Line Up

Coming this week


This is a nude event for guys identifying as men

♦ Examples of what you can wear:
▪ Your birthday suit
▪ Jewellery
▪ Accessories above waistline
▪ Harnesses, cockrings, collars – if you must!
▪ Wrist and leg wallets (like from DOWN AN’ DIRTY)

♦ What you can’t wear:
▪ Clothes – besides mandatory enclosed shoes
▪ Hoods/masks
▪ Anything between waist and ankle

Important details (PLEASE READ):

* We have a Code of Conduct and if you attend our event(s) you MUST abide by it
* This is a nude event for men (you need to wear enclosed shoes)
* This is a sex positive event and consensual sexual activity is welcome everywhere except in toilets and (obviously) any public areas outside the venue
* Per our code of conduct, you must take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of others; you must engage with others in a respectful and consensual way. Non-respectful individuals and those who do not seek consent will be immediately removed from the premises as will be reported to the police

* Government issued photo ID is required for entry
* Patrons must be at least 18 years of age
* Entry includes initial cloaking of your belongings. A re-cloak fee of $5 per bag will be charged if applicable
* There is a limit of six pre-sale tickets per online transaction
* The person responsible for booking tickets online may be asked to present the credit/debit card they used for ticket purchase at the door on the night
* Ticket sales are final – refunds or exchanges are not possible
* Mobile phones, cameras and recording devices must be cloaked
* If you’re unsure about what’s going on or what’s expected, please ask a member of our team – we’re here to help you enjoy a really fabulous night!

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2nd Release Ticket$29.00