ADAM - Melbourne's Nude Bar for Guys!

Monday evenings from 7:30pm at Sircuit,
103 Smith St Fitzroy 3065
ADAM will not take place at Sircuit Monday 24 April 2023

ADAM at Sircuit on Mondays

ADAM at Sircuit is a nude social get together for people identifying as guys
Our standard Monday operating hours are 7.30pm to about midnight, with last admissions at 11pm, and last bar orders at 11.30pm (unless otherwise advertised in a specific event). Happy hour from 7.30pm to 9pm. ADAM at Sircuit will be closed Monday 24 April 2022
Sircuit is located at 103 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065
ADAM Berlin, the Official Opening Party of Folsom Europe will take place Thursday 7 September 2023 at Connection Club, Fuggerstraße 33, 10777 Berlin. Subscribe to our email news using the form below to stay up to date with our events


ADAM – Folsom Take Over

Monday 13 March 2023
Sircuit Fitzroy

Photographs courtesy of
Telepathic Creative Media

ADAM’s Christmas Party 2022!

Monday 19 November
Sircuit Fitzroy

Photographs courtesy of
Telepathic Creative Media

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I enter and what do I do with my clothes?

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by our experienced and cheeky team. After paying the admission price or presenting your pre-paid ticket, you’ll be given a wristband with a corresponding bag in which to cloak your clothes with us. After disrobing and placing your mobile phone in your bag, hand it back to our crew **remember to put your enclosed shoes back on**. When ready to leave, surrender your wristband and your belongings will be returned

Bring with you your own method of payment for drinks – you can’t bring a mobile phone inside with you beyond the cloak desk, or bags beyond wrist or leg pouch in size. Experience suggests the most convenient way to purchase drinks is with a watch with NFC and contactless payment. You can’t run a bar tab

Cloaking at check-in is included in the admission price. You’ll be charged a $5.00 re-cloak fee if you need to access your belongings before you leave, or if you return after leaving the venue (sometimes referred to as a pass-out)

Can I wear underwear or accessories?
  • Underwear: No, you cannot wear underwear unless the event is advertised as a special event where underwear is explicitly permitted. Except for special events. ADAM is a nude event rather than a clothing optional event. However you must wear enclosed shoes for safety reasons
  • Accessories: We’re a nude event rather than a kink event so, unless we’re holding a themed event, we don’t allow accessories like a harness, hats, masks or bags in the venue. Watches, leg bands or wristbands used for the purpose of paying for drinks at the bar (or in the case of watches, telling the time!) are OK. You must not carry a phone with you in a pouch or otherwise, even if the only reason is to use the phone to pay for drinks
Can I bring my mobile phone or camera inside?

No – phones and cameras MUST be cloaked. If you usually use your mobile phone to make payments at a bar, you will need to use an alternative method of payment (such as a watch or ring with contactless payment technology), cash, or a credit or debit card at ADAM. If you want to pay by card or cash, you will need to bring a leg or wrist pouch to carry your card and/or cash. You cannot run a bar tab at ADAM

You can access your phone briefly within 1.5 metres of the cloaking desk if the need arises, however a $5.00 re-cloak fee will be charged. If you’re on-call and need to have your phone on you at all times, this probably is not the event for you

If you would like a photo of you taken at the event, please ask one of our team to do this. You must not take photographs yourself at the event

Is this a sex event?

No – ADAM is predominantly a social event and no sexual activity may take place in our primary social area. If you are looking for a venue primarily for sex, you will find Melbourne has a number of international standard saunas